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The entire site is covered by French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property.
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Customer complaint processing policy
Demeter has put in place a procedure to respond to the complaints of its customers

What is a customer complaint?
A claim is defined as a statement of client dissatisfaction with the management company.
A request for information, advice, clarification, service or service is not a claim.

The treatment of the claim:

Your complaint will be handled by the Customer Relations department. The RCCI (responsible for compliance and internal control) who can participate in the process of validation of the response to ensure that the response complies with the regulations in force.

Processing times for complaints

– a maximum of 10 working days from receipt of the complaint, to acknowledge receipt, unless the answer itself is provided to the customer within this period;
– two months maximum between the date of receipt of the complaint and the date of dispatch of the response to the customer except in the event of duly justified special circumstances.

The handling of a claim by the management company is free, the customer will not bear any specific cost (file, research or other fees …) related to the processing of his claim.
Any claim must be addressed to the management company.

ESG Criteria
Demeter is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and the Investor Commitment Charter for Growth (ACEC).
Respect for these principles attests to our desire to align our practices with best practices in our sector of activity.
Demeter has also made a commitment to adopt an ESG-compliant approach within the management company and the companies held in its portfolios. This approach takes the form of a procedure available on request from the management company.

Conflict of Interest Policy
Demeter has established and maintains a Conflict of Interest Management Policy that defines procedures to detect and manage situations that give or are likely to result in a potential conflict of interest in the implementation of a conflict of interest policy. implementation of our management activities.
For more information, we invite you to contact the management company.

Intermediary selection policy
Demeter has defined an intermediary selection procedure which defines the selection, control and monitoring of third-party institutions from which the management company delegates certain management functions.
This policy is available on request from the management company.

Voting right policy
Demeter has a voting policy which sets out the conditions under which it exercises the voting rights attached to the securities held by the vehicles it manages.
This policy is available on request from the management company.